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Sorry, but Skye is currently ‘NOT AVAILABLE’

Age: 20
Bust: D cup
Size: 10
Appearance: Busty
Hair: Long Brunette
Height: 5’5″
Tattoos: minimal (small and not noticeable)
Services: massage for Men

Sorry, but Skye is currently ‘NOT AVAILABLE’

About Skye:
Skye will help you escape from your daily stress and take you to wonderful heights of sensual pleasure. Her busty size 10 body is truly a sight to behold.
Surrender yourself to her and she will connect on a level of intimacy that will soon have you totally lost in your own erotic world.
Her genuine massage is an ecstatic cocktail of deep relaxation and delicious body-to-body massage. So intense, so arousing, beyond pure pleasure.
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9 thoughts on “Skye”


Absolutely loved Skye! Had a double with Nicole who was just amazing too!! They both work great together. Never felt so relaxed and amazing before in my life. Skye was just amazing with reading your body and energy and giving the best pleasure! Will be back for sure!


Explosion is amazing


Skye was truely incredible! Made me feel very safe and comfortable and protected and like I was at home in a comfy environment. Her nurturing voice and gentle, caring, loving and kind nature is credit to her bubbly, charismatic personality!! She is absolutely beautiful!! Super soft and gentle and relaxing, calming and soothing experience. Would highly recommend 🥰☺️💗🙂👌 She incorporated a request of mine perfectly and was an exceptional listener and understood my needs and desires to finish off a phenomenal service! Very happy, elated and delighted! Definitely returning soon when the new premises opens.


Loved visiting Skye on Friday, very good sensual massage will be back again.


I saw her glimpse as I was walking out after the massage with someone else and she looked stunning 😍


Had an amazing hour with skye today I will definitely be back to see you


Thanks Skye, Will book again.


Great double with Skye and Stacey. Very sensual massage from both ladies.


Skye’s great. Surely i will come back another time with her. Thanks

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