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FAQ ~ Frequently Asked Questions
If you have never had the pleasure of being handled by an erotic naked woman, but you are strongly considering it, you probably have a lot of questions… and anticipation.
Here are some of the questions we often get asked.

What does it cost?
Check out our prices here
Can I ring you and ask some questions?
Absolutely yes! Feel free to call us anytime on 027 884 4757 with any questions you may have or if you are a bit shy you can also email us.
Can I view better pictures of the ladies and their faces?
For privacy reasons we do blur or crop out faces and some tattoos also but you can be assured, all of the ladies are carefully picked and are of the highest quality, top to bottom
Are the pictures of the ladies on the website real?
Yes. We try our best to take pictures of all our ladies when they start work with us. Photos are updated regularly.
Do you provide full sex services?
None of our ladies provide full sex or oral services and may be offended if you ask
Is it ok to touch the ladies?
Gentlemen’s rules apply here – Please, ALWAYS ask before you touch the lady. Make sure your touch is gentle, sensual and soft only. Please do not grab, squeeze or forcefully touch the massage lady.
Touching in between the legs – is absolutely at HER discretion. If she agrees to compliment your experience, please make sure you have the funds available to tip her appropriately.
What happens if I turn up late?
Do be on time, not early and not late. Too early means we won’t be ready for you and we will feel flustered. Too late and we’ll be peeved – that is never a good start. Your lateness will come out of your time so it is in your best interest to be punctual.
What do the ladies expect of me?
Remain within the personal boundaries the lady will set. Sensual massage is a very intimate experience. If you make your massage lady feel uncomfortable or disrespected, it is likely to hinder your experience.
If you are disrespectful, you will be asked to leave immediately and without a refund. If any of our ladies tells you no, and you continue with your disrespect, you will likely find your massage cut short.
Please do not ask our ladies for their private details. This is against our rules.
We value our ladies very highly. Their safety in performing their services is paramount. Violence and/or any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.
Go here for more information.
Can you tell me if I need to book with a particular lady or can I choose when I arrive?
Unfortunately we do not allow viewing of the ladies. All of the ladies can be viewed on the website. The pictures are very genuine and not edited in any way other than the ladies faces and some tattoos
What are the payment options? Do you accept credit cards?
We accept Cash, Eftpos, and Credit Cards (but not Amex)
While cash is our preferred payment method, we are more than happy to accept Eftpos or Credit Card if this is more convenient for you.
Do you accept walk ins?
Although we do not mind walk-ins as you never know the mood when you may just be driving by – we do prefer that you make an appointment beforehand. This is to ensure the privacy of other clients and yourself. You will only see the lady you are booked in with during your time and perhaps another naked lady running the hallways if you are lucky!
How can you ensure hygiene between the ladies and the clients?
We have the highest level of hygiene at Tender Touch. Between every client all linen is changed and all areas are sanitised. Showers are provided for both before and after your massage.
Does the sensual massage include both the client and the massage lady being naked?
Yes, both you and the lady are completely nude. For those who are a little shy – don’t worry, you start by laying facedown, your chosen lady will be very warming and will make you feel at ease. We also get nervous too
Can I buy a Gift Voucher for a friend?
Yes you can! Gift Vouchers are available for either a dollar amount or for one of the services that we provide (such as Couples Massage)
Can I make a booking if I am only 20 years old?
You can visit Tender Touch if you are 18 years and older
Do you have a room I could hire?
We have a beautifully renovated private room & ensuite available for hire for $60p/h
Do you have any photos of the inside of Tender Touch?
Yes we do.Check out our photos here
Do you have an Instagram Page?
We sure do. You will find it here

If there is anything else you would like to know then either call us on 027 884 4757 or fill out this form and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible with an answer to your FAQ.

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