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New to sensual massage? Or maybe you are already a sensual massage regular?
Want to know how to get the best out of your massage session and your chosen lady?

When nerves or anxiety crashes the party, it turns a potentially fun experience into a grind. Since you’re paying so much for your massage experience, it can be disheartening to find you’re not enjoying yourself.

Paige has the answer to all of your questions, completely unfiltered.

Some of the topics that Paige will cover:

  • conversations with your masseuse
  • touching your lady – can I, should I?
  • How to touch in a positive way
  • Massaging your massuese
  • First time nerves or feeling anxious before your booking
  • Do’s and don’ts

And many more questions that you want the answers to!

Paige has an abundance of experience within the sensual massage realm and would like to offer you sessions to show you all of the do’s and don’t and finer points of what having a sensual massage entails.


Bookings by advance request – Paige can work around your schedule, and work out a time that suits you.

Fee: from $150* (includes sensual massage and the renowned Tender Touch ‘finish’)


Get started on having a sensual massage, with confidence. Paige will ensure you know exactly what will happen, and the things that will make it an experience you will love.

*The cost of this service will be discussed with you at the time of your booking


Etiquette and Rules
Our Tendertouch ladies do NOT offer sex, oral sex or kissing. Please do not ask, as this does offend us.
Our personal information – Please do not ask for our private information. It is against our rules.

Gentlemen’s rules, ask before you touch.
Touching on the front, above the bellybutton, breasts, arms, back and buttocks is ok, but, only in a soft and sensual way. No grabbing, squeezing, or holding onto your Tender Touch lady.
Touching between the legs – Some ladies, at their own discretion may compliment your service for a tip.
Massaging your lady – some ladies allow this. When massaging your Tender Touch lady please do not body slide or touch between her legs (unless an extra has been arranged).
Sensual massage on women is slightly different.

Extras and Tipping
Extra services are solely given at the discretion of your Tender Touch lady
Touching between the legs – Starts from $40 for an hour (or less) per booking – the volume of touching and length of your booking can increase this.
Flat hand touching only, no penetration. This is for your pleasure only.

Multishot – $20 within the timeframe of your Tender Touch lady’s massage
Longer Lingham massage – $40
Prostate massage during hand relief – $40
Prostate massage extended – $60
Light fetishes – To be discussed
Voyeurism – $40-$80*
 – *Watching your partner being massaged is $40 on top of your booking cost
 – *If you wish to watch AND join in, in giving your partner the massage, it is $80 on top of your booking cost
 – *This Voyeur price is for a couples massage with ONE Tender Touch lady

Please use plenty of bodywash and face cloths provided. Wash vigorously, especially for your Tender Touch ladys’ delicate nose, under your arms and your private areas. We do get up close and personal. You will not experience the best of your sensual massage experience if you have bad hygiene.

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