Everything you need to know about having a sensual, nude massage at Tender Touch. When you experience a sensual massage at Tender Touch, nothing is left to the imagination and you won’t even remember what it feels like to be stressed.

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Sometimes its about that need to escape, to lose yourself in a fantasy, in a delicious moment of pleasure, and in an embrace that lingers in your thoughts and memories for days to come.

When you book a nude sensual massage at Tender Touch, it begins with a professional and beautiful masseuse greeting you at the door in her sexy lingerie. She will then escort you to our massage room. The room will have dimmed lights, soft music, and mirrored walls and ceiling. After getting the business side of things completed, she will discuss the client etiquette with you. You will then be able to use the in-room shower to ensure you are nice and clean for your masseuse.

It’s then time to lay face down on the bed and surrender your naked body to her Tender Touch.
Your masseuse will remove her sexy lingerie and start the massage with a basic rub down. This will help start the process of putting you in a more sensual mood, as you can feel the physical tension melt away.

The sensuality of massage begins

As the massage goes on, your masseuse will pour warm oil over your naked body. She will use tender strokes, and slow breast sweeps (brushing her breasts across your body). Followed by a full body sliding (imagine – a beautiful naked woman, covered in oil, sliding her whole body across yours). You will be able to feel every sensual curve of her body as it caresses your skin.
When you experience a sensual massage at Tender Touch, nothing is left to the imagination because you will be able to see and feel everything that happens. To either side of you, there are full-size mirrors so that you can have a visual experience as well as a sensual one. All you need to do is lie back and enjoy the view.

Sensual massage arousal

Your masseuse will then ask you to turn over on your back. The rub downs, the breast sweeps, and the full body slides will continue. If you manage to take your eyes off her while she is doing this, you will see a full-sized mirror on the ceiling above you, which is sure to heighten all your senses.

The sensual massage is often extremely intense. With the masseuse rubbing every inch of your body, you will find yourself becoming increasingly aroused. Ultimately you will be yearning for that anticipated stress release. This is in the form of a hand-given ‘Tender Touch’ (or as some call it – a happy ending), ensuring that you will feel the stress literally rush away from your body, as you let go under the touch of your chosen beautiful masseuse.


Once you have recovered from your happy ending, you will join your masseuse in the shower so that she can give you a full body personal wash down, leaving you feeling both cared for and satisfied.
This type of intensive erotic experience is sure to give you a feeling of deep satisfaction and relaxation. After a Tender Touch sensual massage with full release, you won’t even remember what stress feels like.

Our services are available for men, women and couples.

Please also read our requirements regarding Client Etiquette


Massage Rates

Sensual Massage

  • $280     120 mins
  • $220     90 mins
  • $180     75 mins
  • $140     60 mins
  • $120     45 mins
  • $100     30 mins
  • $60      Hand relief only

Two Tender
Touch Ladies

  • $540     120 mins
  • $420     90 mins
  • $340     75 mins
  • $270     60 mins
  • $230     45 mins
  • $190     30 mins

Couples 2×2

You will have 15 minutes “alone time” to spend with each other once we leave the room

  • $540     120 mins
  • $420     90 mins
  • $340     75 mins
  • $270     60 mins
  • $230     45 mins
  • $190     30 mins

Sensual Training

We guide you on how to sensually massage a women’s body
(Tender Touch Lady provided)

  • $270     60 mins
  • $420     90 mins

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