Tender Touch


Whilst we make every effort to provide an up to date roster, it is not always possible to guarantee a particular lady may be available. We therefore recommend that you call us on (03) 377 0334 to check that your favourite Tender Touch lady is working.

Call for a booking(03) 377 0334

Roster for 16th October – 24th October

Saturday 16th October
Hayley, Nicole, Violet, Ava, Bonnie, Andre
Sunday 17th October
Nicole, Ivy, Serena, Ellie, Violet, Andre
Monday 18th October
Sasha, Ava, Luciana, Nicole, Violet, Ivy, Lucy, Andre
Tuesday 19th October
Riley, Serena, Hayley, Luciana, Kennedy, Violet, Ellie, Sasha, Andre
Wednesday 20th October
Riley, Hayley, Bonnie, Luciana, Sasha, Lucy, Ivy, Ava, Andre
Thursday 21st October
Sasha, Bonnie, Riley, Ava, Serena, Hayley, Kennedy, Ivy, Andre
Friday 22nd October
Riley, Sasha, Bonnie, Hayley, Ellie, Violet, Nicole, Jessie, Andre
Saturday 23rd October
Hayley, Nicole, Luciana, Violet, Ava, Ellie, Bonnie, Andre
Sunday 24th October
Nicole, Serena, Violet, Ellie, Luciana, Ivy, Andre

*Disclaimer: Not all of these ladies are available at any one time.
Please feel free to call us on (03) 377 0334 to check the availability of the lady you would like to see.

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