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Experienced sensual massage with the most unbelievable touch

Age: 21
Bust: C cup
Size: 8
Hair: blonde
Appearance: Slim and tanned
Tattoos: a few (3-5 but tasteful)
Services: massage for Men, Women and Couples. Layla also provides Sensual Training

About Layla:
Layla is super friendly, warm and welcoming. Her natural personality will definitely put you at ease. She is a very caring lady and is always ready to listen to her clients.
If you are looking for a lady who has the looks of a ‘beach babe’ but is actually more like your ‘girl next door’, then Layla is the lady for you.
Take the time to come and see Layla, and in return she will offer you an unparalleled & elevated massage experience full of both healing energy and intense erotic stimulation.
Treat yourself. You deserve it!

Libby enjoys providing her massage service to Men, Women and Couples.

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12 thoughts on “Layla”


Layla’s an amazingly beautiful and stunning lady and I most definitely enjoyed my time with her. She’s got quite a firm massage style which I personally like with a lot of soft and gentle touches mixed in. Oh and the body slides…I’ll come back too see her just for them…


Hey it’s brad

I had a wonderful time with the lovely Layla last night that was fantastic Layla thanks Brad


Had a double with Layla and Aubrey. Absolutely loved it! What an experience! Both gorgeous ladies & worked really well together. Might have to do it again


“Happy Tuesday” were the words quietly spoken to me by Layla at the end of our one hour session. My first time with Layla and I’m a happy chappy. She has her own unique style and its very relaxing, and sensual. The mirrors on the wall and ceiling allow me generous viewing of naked Layla as she works her magic. Wonderful. Thank you Layla and I shall check my diary and your roster for when we meet again.


Layla is an angel! She has the angel’s beautiful face and body with an addictive smile, a soft voice that’s easy to listen and talk to, and the gentle and magical touch that had made me a happy man. Time passed so quickly with Layla as I’m watching the angel smiling and touching me. I really enjoyed the time and the heavenly experience she provided. Will definitely be back for Layla again!


WOW, Layla what an absolute treasure. She is a stunning young woman, with a gorgeous personality. Had an amazing massage two weeks ago…….. it was honestly the best experience I have had, full stop.


Well it’s not often I’m short of words, and that’s the thing words can not describe Layla.

Absolutely stunning, sexy, beautiful and the most gentle soul. For most of the hour I was there she sent me to a complete other world with her angelic touch, what can I say she’s addictive and 2nd to none

Guy’s treat her with the upmost respect and just see where she’ can take you😏

See you again soon Layla.

Brad Mayhew

Thank you layla for a lovely blindfolded experience I enjoy myself you were absolutely amazing? Thanks Brad.


What James said


Layla has a Incredible massage with the looks to match and easy to talk too, will definitely be seeing her again.


Another visit to Tender Touch and yet another totally euphoric experience. Layla, a tall stunning woman, soft complexion, captivating smile, and an outrageously gorgeous body… the most memorizing curves that dreams are made of. The good thing is Layla at Tender Touch is not just a dream, when she opens the door, there she is, heavenly reality, everything that makes for the perfect hour.
Being tall, her long reach is incredible and the most outstanding sight in the mirror watching her lean right down your body with her a mixture of firm, light and extra feather light strokes. Looking in the ceiling mirrors and seeing her long, gorgeous body slowly move over yours is a sight to be committed to memory, a memory that will never leave. A relaxed conversation throughout adds to the totally relaxed experience. As all the ladies do, she has her own styles and techniques which are truly divine. Fingers gently passed through fingers, combination of firm and light and of course, other unexpected surprises make her truly unique.
Maybe ask her if she would like a 10 minute massage at the start of your booking, it starts the beginning of an incredible hour. The more you see her, the better it will get, her regulars will double, triple in no time. Go see her, you may well become one of her regulars to.
I’m sure that by the end of the hour and after you have floated back down to earth again you will be thinking “wow, were did she just take me to“ the only way to find out is to go and see her again, I definitely will be. Every man she sees will be thinking this, I most certainly am … Enjoy, you will.


Layla has a big heart and kindest touch

absolutely amazing…

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