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Sensual massage with the most unbelievable touch!

Age: 32
Bust: Busty D cup
Size: Toned size 8
Height: 5’6″
Hair: Very long blonde hair
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Scandinavian
Services: massage for Men, Women and Couples. Bonnie can also provide Sensual Training

About Bonnie:
Bonnie is one hot sensual lady that loves to make pleasure her business. Come and experience the delights that this extremely sexual babe has to offer. Bonnie is soft, sexy and sensual and is available for an arousing sensual massage. Spend some unrushed time and we promise you WILL be back for more. She loves to tease every inch of your body with her wickedly arousing erotic touch, right from the time you walk in the door to the time you float back out.

Bonnie enjoys providing her massage service to Men, Women and Couples.

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36 thoughts on “Bonnie”

The call centre.

Call 111 Ambo, blood pumping fast, Fire dept. Very hot, Police it will be a riot if word get out
Bonnie gets the motor running , hot hot, hot & a riot & crowd control if too many knew how good a massage and sexy she is.


Bonnie is a beautiful, sexy & talented woman and her touch and massage techniques are second to none!! The way she talks to you, feels every part of you and uses her hands and body against yours will have any man and possibly even any woman reach ecstasy every time and begging for more!!

Old Fella

It’s been too long since I last spent some time with Bonnie, and I have definitely missed her ‘tender touch’.
Last night certainly made up for that. This beautiful, kind, gorgeous lady is beyond doubt one of the most fantastic women that a man can spend time with. With her sexy voice, her very sexy body and her tantric touch, Bonnie makes you feel that nothing is more important than your pleasure. Her soft gentle touch made sure this old fella was on the edge for such a long time before bringing me to that ultimate conclusion.
Thank you Bonnie, you are a beautiful human being xxx


What an amazing massage with the most erotic body slide, Bonnie is an absolute hot number with an irresistible body, looks super sexy and she strikes a great convo. It was my first visit and not the last that’s for sure .

Simon Edhouse

Wow is all I can say, no one else comes even close, glad I came in on holiday from Wellngton.


Love your photos, Bonnie. But there seems to be a lot less than you used to have?


Wow this was my first time with Bonnie, all I can say is OMG.
She had the hands of an angel, kept me just on the edge.
Wow Bonnie will book you again. Great lady to chat with,


Stunning! 10/10 Highly recommend!


Well I keep going back for more .Crazy, funny and great awesome sexy lady.


Loved my time with Bonnie. She made me smile so many times with her cheeky looks in the mirrors.
She’s a stunner. The ultimate woman. I want more!


Second time with Bonnie is just a magical and mind-blowing. What a wonderful 90min I have spent with Bonnie. She has skillfully eased my tense muscles and made me feel so comfortable and alive again. I also really like Bonnie’s charming voice and sweet care. She really makes sure I am comfortable and relaxed throughout the session. What a perfect body and beautiful smile to look at as well, which is better than the pictures. Thank you Bonnie, I will definitely be back again!


I had an awesome massage from Bonnie yesterday. She is a true buty and a real specialist in her job. Top, top class. What a sweet lady.


Absolutely amazing at what she does!!
Can wait till my “roster” matches hers again!!


I have spent 90 magical minutes with Bonnie today. It was a purely amazing experience. I came with tense muscles overburdened with life’s burden. Bonnie relieved my tension with her exceptional skills, patience, and genuine caring. I felt truly taken care of. No words can describe the relief I felt after Bonnie’s service. I felt so glad and lucky to have meet her. Thank you Bonnie!

A Man With a Smile a Mile Wide

I was just so lucky to spend an incredible beautiful hour with the exceptionally gorgeous Bonnie. From the very minute we met, she made me feel so relaxed and what followed was just out of this world…along the way Bonnie took me to heaven. She’s just the most perfect person, both inside and out.
Certainly highly recommend Bonnie.


Words cannot describe an experience with Bonnie, you have to have the experience to truely know…

A conversation that goes beyond the cliche and only gets better the more you see her, and get to know her.
Her soft voice and gentle accent a pleasure to converse with.

She has her own unique style of massage, a style that easily accommodates my massage request as no doubt it would for others.

Bonnie is truely outstanding. From my first booking with her that was truely incredible, each subsequent booking has just become better, and better… and better. How is this possible, can it get any more sublime? Somehow ever time it does. Go see her, get to know her, it will be well worth your while… thats a fact… a gorgeous fact at that.

If you can spare 10 minute of your massage time, Bonnie loves a gentle feather light back massage/tickle… to give a little and receive the amazing… it’s only fair I think.

J and D

Many thanks Bonnie, wow!! Made us feel relaxed, was all about us and we will be back!!


Great to have you back Bonnie.. amazing as always . See you again soon xx


Young, slim, beautiful girl. With some personalized, typical tender touch. Quietly enjoying the heaven.


Today I had the absolute pleasure of spending time with two beautiful ladies, Bonnie and Olivia.
And wow. Apart from giving an awesome massage, these ladies are two of the most caring, kind, and understanding women that I have met.
I have been on a bit of a difficult journey of late, and both Bonnie and Olivia, have been there, separately, and today together, to offer me advice, kindness, and encouragement.
Ladies I will never forget your words and what you have done for me. And I will most certainly never ever forget the reflection looking up in the mirror. One of the most delightful afternoons I have had in a long time.


Well she is amazing at making me smile and feeling Great.
Your amazing Bonnie safe travels on your journey sure you will be missed by many. Xx Premises are great . Credit to all. Especially Paige well done .

The Web Guy

Absolutely amazing hour with Bonnie. Apart from giving an exceptional sensual massage, she is so friendly, understanding and kind. Great conversation.
Totally recommend that you pay a visit to Bonnie.
And bonus – the new premises are the best you will ever come across. Most certainly is without a doubt, Christchurch’s premium massage establishment.


My time with Bonnie is always amazing. What a lovely and sexy lady she is. Only good vibes and her round ass 😍😍😍


Sexy accent, stunning looks, scintillating conversation and sensational touch – what a great way to spend 90 minutes on a cold Saturday evening..


Bonnie as always is awesome.
Gorgeous and amazing personality. She always puts a smile on my face even if I’ve had a bad day. Thanks Bonnie x

Ana and Matt

We booked a couples massage with Sasha and Bonnie, both gorgeous ladies and they make a great team. Stunning to look at and a great touch, they made us feel very comfortable and at ease. An incredible first couples massage experience, thank you to you both.


Omg what an amazing job you ladies do. You make me feel so relaxed and special. The massages the ladies give are out of this world. Been going here since my wife died 8 years ago and probably been here bout 60 times. Last lady I had about 6 times was Luciana and she was absolutely amazing and last 2 times I’ve had Bonnie. OMG you 2 ladies are sensational and absolute bombshells. Congratulation what a great job all you ladies do. Paige it’s a credit to you and please pass onto all staff. Paige you were the first lady I went to see and you eased me and made me feel welcome and I thank you.


I had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie today. My time with her was truly amazing. Her touch is incredible. I will definitely be back.


Bonnie is a amazing gorgeous lady. Thanks so much for a wonderful hour. Great looking with amazing personality.


The best SM in Christchurch ,fantastic, sexy ,
1st = massage with another TT lady.


A gorgeous lady, lots of fun, a very enjoyable time. I highly recommend Bonnie. I might have to get back to TT more often!


I don’t think a massage could be better than this. Thankyou Bonnie. You are great!


What can be said about Bonnie without running out of superlatives. She loves what she does and let’s you know it with her actions and giving the best massage you’re ever likely to have!


My time with Bonnie was amazing what a beautiful lady, looking forward to going back.


My time with Bonnie was truly amazing , her amazing sexy body, beautiful face and gorgeous personality Bonnie is a 10/10 for me, I will definitely be back x


Bonnie is absolutely amazing, her amazing body and her ability to make you feel so relaxed, she truly loves her work and pays attention to making sure your time with her is amazing, Bonnie is truly gorgeous and her smile will make you melt as soon as you meet her. Thankyou Bonnie I will definitely be back to see you again x

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