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Genuine care, class, and sex appeal

Age: 37
Bust: C cup
Size: 8
Hair: Dark Blonde
Height: 5’7″
Eyes: Green
Tattoos: many (noticeable but tasteful)

About Paige:
Paige is a real beauty ready to provide for you a sensual and memorable massage that will have you back for more.

You will love her outgoing and friendly nature and her ability to delight and pleasure you with her amazing bodyslides!!
A pleasure to be with and a delight in the room… Relax and let Paige show you an experience like no other.

Paige’s Availability:
Paige is the ‘lady in charge‘ and is responsible for training and looking after the other ladies at Tender Touch.
So while she is always there, this does mean she can’t always be available for clients as often as she would like.
But keep checking the roster because she has promised to try and be available more often.

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