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What I really love about Tender Touch is how respectful and friendly all the ladies are. They communicate so well, listen to your stories, and have some of their own. They seem to enjoy a good banter and lots of laughs. Oh, and by the way, their sensual touch is out of this world! Thank for for providing such a warm, welcoming environment where relaxing and feeling good is guaranteed xoxo


Always a very nice massage by all the girls i’ve seen.
keep up the good work

Jeanne and Taran

Wow, is all I can say, I literally just left there at Tender Touch, my partner and I were a bit nervous. We had not done this as a couple before. Clasping hands through the massage, I sneaked a peck at him several times during and he looked as blissed out as I did. Totally professional and lovely girls asked our consent and gave us privacy before to shower and ‘private time’ after which we took advantage of. Very romantic and I’m just sorry we cannot remember the names of the girls who provided the massage. But thank you, thank you, thank you! We are enjoying a meal out now and couples if you want a romantic night out hesitate not! We will definitely be back 😍😊💕


Oh how I’m missing the contact with the lovely ladies at Tender Touch!
Hurry up level 2

Accountant with the Undies

I have visited twice while in Christchurch and was blown away by the experiences. I’d not indulged in this type of service before, so was a little nervous but can now highly recommend it to others. I had the pleasure of having time with Ivy, Violet and Luciana and all 3 ladies were absolutely stunning.
The hardest part is picking who to come back and see again… is all 3 at once an option? ;P
I only wish I had a similar establishment in my home town as these visits really were fantastic. Looking forward to my next trip to Christchurch.


Had a one hour session with Violet. She was smart, charming, funny, drop dead gorgeous and sexy as hell. The massage itself was hands down the best I’ve ever had. She knows all the right spots to turn you on, the right pressure to make sure you don’t finish too fast, the teasing was wild but oh so worth it as she’ll build you up to the most amazing climax you’ve probably ever had. 10 stars out of 5.


It took me a long time to decide on a sensual massage. I admit that I have never met such an gentle empathising, beautiful masseur. It was a wonderful evening I will never forget, a truly unique experience. Empowering, exciting, and a very VERY pleasurable one hour session. Highly recommend. Professional yet friendly attentive discreet lady. Can’t wait for my next visit to Tender Touch.


I had my first massage here and my masseuse was really nice and lovely. Greeted me in her sexy lingerie at the door with a big smile and kept her lovely personality all the way to the end. Nice shower at the start and at the end of your massage, free treats on the door too. Will definitely be back next time.


This place is the best massage place I have ever been to. I am from Australia and I always visit them whenever I am in Christchurch. All the ladies are very trained and professional. Will recommend to everyone.


Thanks so much for an amazing experience, for the hospitality and kindness. I could feel good more than I expected and my massage truly exceeded my expectations. It was an invaluable experience for me. And the receptionist was also good. Her explanation was easy to understand and her brightness made me relieved. Thanks Tender Touch!


I have been a regular here for a few years now and not once have i ever left unhappy the place and girls are both very attractive and professinal , very well presented and i have always been made to feel welcome and Always enjoyed my experiences,
Certinly money well spent absalutly lovely ladys well presented and always warm and welcoming atmosphere.
I cant recommend this place high enough


I have been visiting tender touch for about 15 years on and off. The ladies are fantastic, sexy and provide a wonderful sensual massage. To mix it up I often book different ladies and do not have a regular lady. They are all that good in the art of sensual massage, and they are that sexy.


Tender Touch has been on my radar for a while now and has always been a great experience. Its always clean, warm, nice rooms with shower, and decor and music etc to suit. The girls are always great and although I don’t go very often I recently paid a visit. I couldn’t believe my good fortune to meet such a lovely young lady. Amazing massage, beautiful, intelligent and generally perfect! (I’m an artist, so I know these things :-).
Big thumbs up to Tender Touch, I definitely recommend you try a sensual massage there if you haven’t already.


Keep up the good work Tender Touch. In my honest opinion, your slippery standards are awesome. The ladies slippery hands, their slippery boobs and their slippery body. Makes the old fellas old fella very happy.


I just want to give a shout out to Tender Touch. Once again I wanted to thank them for an amazing time. It was just what I needed, and I could not have asked for two more amazing women.


Just been to Tender Touch for half hour ( not long enough) The lady had a great body, fantastic personality. She is new to the job but IMHO you wouldn’t know. I had one of the best massages I’ve ever had and finished off with a great ending, Left with a smile on my face that I might have to get surgically removed. Well worth a visit for all you into massages. I will return.


A well-set out and delightfully presented Business. Showers in each room. Clean and airy. Wonderful Masseuses whom are right up with their job. No sleaze.
To those anticipating a visit for a Massage, ring ahead. You certainly will not be disappointed in any way at all.

Google User

well been there now a few times and cant complain at all , great shower and “service” left with a smile ! great to see new website as well !


I had the opportunity today to have a 1 hour appointment. I was very pleased to be greeted by a pretty girl with a very pleasant personality. Lovely hot oil and caressing hands on my body were very soothing and just what i needed on a cold and wet day. She was very hands on and included lots of massage and body sweeps that seemed to go on for ages. Not something that I would complain about usually but i did find myself hanging out for the sensual touch on my genitalia to build up the experience before turning over for the last 5 minutes towards the end of the race. Nice experience today but would have appreciated a little ball tickling and teasing earlier to help build on the sensual arousal.


It was with apprehension that I approached the door, having never done anything like this in my life before. I rang the doorbell and very quickly the door opened to reveal this absolutely drop dead gorgeous woman standing there in very revealing black lingerie. Checking my name, she softly whispered, welcome… please follow me. Well, I didn’t need to be told twice!!
We proceeded up the stairs and into a warm bedroom, softly lit with nice music playing in the background. After quickly taking care of the business side of things, she says: “please undress, have a warm-up shower and lie down on the bed. I will go and get the heated oil”. Let me tell you…. its been a very long time since a beautiful woman has ask me to do that.

She returns, completely undresses, drips some oil on my back and starts the massage. Bloody hell, she has such a wonderful touch and I find myself becoming very relaxed and enjoying every moment of it. She followed the massage up with lying on my back and giving me a full body sweep with her body.
Then she tells me to turn over…and the first thing you realise is you are in a room, with a naked woman, and surrounded by mirrors on the walls and ceiling so you can watch everything she does.
Then she…… Nah, I suggest you book one of these ladies as soon as you can, because what comes next is out of this world pure sensuality.
Absolutely rate this massage as a 10/10!

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