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In this Covid world, hygiene is so important to both the ladies at Tender Touch and our clients. We take time and care to ensure we are the best we can be for you and expect the same in return. Showering is mandatory.

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Shower Etiquette – our expectations at Tender Touch Massage.

Hygiene is so important to the ladies at Tender Touch. We take time and care to ensure we are smelling the best for you and expect the same in return. After all, we have such delicate noses, so the cleaner you get, the closer the ladies get.

Before the Massage:

  • Please make use of our in-room shower on arrival.
  • When showering please ensure you wash yourself vigorously around ALL your delicate areas.
  • Make plentiful use of the body wash, facecloths and deodorant provided.
  • Look clean, feel clean, smell nice, Enjoy!

Our ladies are beautiful professional women who pride themselves on providing a premium nude sensual massage service. These ladies always ensure they are clean and fresh, and start their time with you dressed in exquisite lingerie.
By following our shower etiquette, you will find these ladies will be wanting to get up close and personal.

After the Massage:
Once you have recovered from your happy ending, you will join your masseuse in the shower so that she can give you a full body personal wash down, leaving you feeling both cared for and satisfied.

Shower Etiquette


After massage shower

Please also read our requirements regarding Client Etiquette

Client feedback....

"Keep up the good work Tender Touch. In my honest opinion, your slippery standards are awesome. The ladies slippery hands, their slippery boobs and their slippery body. Makes the old fellas old fella very happy."


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