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We are proud to offer you a premium service at all levels.

1) The massage

All our masseuses are well trained in the art of massage by our professional massage teacher.
We select our masseuses team carefully, based on good behavior, character, patience, motivation, and looks.

2 ) Atmosphere

We welcome you in an elegant and feminine orientated ambiance. Sweet fragrance, soft light and a delicately sensual musical atmosphere immerses you in the softness of Tender Touch’s world.

3) The hygiene

Our establishment is kept to a very high standard, with the strictest hygiene observed.
Please shower before each service – towels, soap and shampoo are provided .
Each mattress is covered with a towel and changed after each massage.
Our masseuses will shower with you after the massage to ensure both you and themselves maintain strict hygiene.

4) Confidentiality

Our team knows that your confidentiality is essential. Your personal information will never be revealed to third parties. Only a name and a valid phone number is required when booking and will only be used for confirmation of your appointment.
We do not have a “customer file”, so your name and any other details about you are not kept.
We are committed to providing a fully discreet service – your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

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