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First Time Massage?

Getting a massage for the first time IS nerve-wracking and it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some pointers that may prove useful for you as you embark on the amazing journey that is the massage industry. We hope this equips some of you with the knowledge and confidence to walk through our doors.


When making a booking, please and thank you go a long way. Read everything on our website first so that you understand what we are offering and what our expectations of you are. If you are  a new client, please do let us know this. That way we will be expecting your nerves and will guide you through the booking more. You DO NOT need to tell us all about yourself in the booking process, this is not a dating service. Just show up clean and tidy, age etc is completely irrelevant but do let us know if you’re new or have a special requirement.


Do be on time, not early and not late. Too early means we won’t be ready for you and we will feel flustered. Too late and we’ll be peeved – that is never a good start. Your lateness will come out of your time so it is in your best interest to be punctual.


A shower will be required of you when you enter the premises. This is so we know that you, like our ladies, smell nice, are clean, and refreshed. Also please refrain from smoking right before the booking, mouthwash or not, that lingers on you for ages. We know you expect cleanliness and hygiene from our ladies and an effort on our part to smell pleasant, so please return the favour.


If you have any questions then please read our FAQ page which may answer most of what you want to know. If it’s not covered there then please contact us via our contact form before you make a booking. Our ladies are quite happy to answer questions when you arrive for your booking.


Many new clients put themselves under a world of pressure when first visiting a massage establishment. First of all, just relax. Allow the lady you have chosen to guide you and help you explore your sensual side. The more comfortable you feel, the more naturally the session will progress.

Payment isn’t ownership

Just because you have paid money for the time with a lady, most certainly doesn’t mean you own her body for that time. Let the lady guide you through the booking and follow her directions. You will build a greater rapport with her than if you just waltz in and treat her like a blowup doll. You may have a good time but chances are, she won’t see you again in the future and as she works with other ladies, they may not want to see you either.


We recommend an hour for a first time client. Half an hour goes by so quickly you barely have time to establish a connection. An hour allows time for a massage that will help you to relax and establish an intimate touch connection which isn’t awkward or forced.


It’s okay to talk! The best way to enjoy your experience with someone is simply by talking to them. Getting to know each other (without too many personal questions btw) helps you realise you are with a person who enjoys giving you a sensual massage, not just someone doing a job. Establishing that connection is SO important to the experience, we really can’t stress that enough. We do want to know a little bit about you and of course we want you to care about us as a human before you leave, it’s good for you and your confidence and also for us it’s important to feel more appreciated.


Please pay us the moment you get in the room. It’s always a wee bit of an uncomfortable moment so please don’t make us ask for it. Get it out of the way as soon as possible, that way everyone is relaxed and we can get on with the fun bit. Also, never try to negotiate our prices – they are fixed and if you try to haggle – you’re basically telling us we aren’t worth what we charge, a quick way to offend a lady!


Believe it or not, even as a professional we sometimes get nervous too, usually with clients we have not met before. As you are looking in the mirror wondering if you are what we are expecting (don’t stress about it, we are professionals and don’t expect David Beckham to show up at the door), remember we are looking at ourselves wondering the same. Our job is masking those nerves of ours and putting you at ease, but please don’t think that we are cold hard robots because underneath we are just as anxious for you to have a good time as you are. Nerves are normal and to be expected so don’t be self conscious that you’re shaking and unable to utter a word – we’re used to it and it’s totally fine. Let us guide you.


Before you even pick up your phone to dial, make sure you are committed. Cancellations are a huge put off and may mean you may be unable to book that lady again in the future when you regain your nerve. Most importantly if you are for whatever reason unable to make it, let us know! No shows are a massive inconvenience -many of us have traveled a distance to our work space to see you and gone through the ritual of getting ready for you, not to mention probably turned away other work as well for that time, so it costs us a big chunk of our income. We don’t work 8 hour days so we do rely on each booking to pay our bills and overheads.


At the end of the day – you’re through the door, you’ve paid your money and there’s no going back. Put yourself in the hands of a true professional and let them spoil you. There is a reason we do this – and that’s because we want you to have the time of your life. All it takes is a lil money, a short conversation and you are in the door for a potentially mind-blowing experience.

Call us on 027 884 4757 for a booking

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Home » Etiquette

Client Etiquette – our expectations at Tender Touch Massage with regards to the simple rules of common sense and good behavior.
We will gladly answer any questions you might have about the massage before we actually start the session, so please feel free and ask for any clarifications you may need and don’t make any assumptions.

Remain within the personal boundaries your masseuse has set. Sensual massage is a very intimate experience. If you make your masseuse feel uncomfortable or disrespected, it is likely to hinder your experience.

Gentlemen’s rules apply here – Please, ALWAYS ask before you touch the lady. Make sure your touch is gentle, sensual and soft only. Please do not grab, squeeze or forcefully touch your masseuse.
Touching in between the legs – is at the discretion of your masseuse. If she agrees to compliment your experience, please make sure you have the funds available to tip her appropriately.

Sex is not a service offered at Tender Touch, so please DON’T ask!
Your request will be denied, so please, save us both from an awkward moment.

This is not expected or required (unless the masseuse offers a complimentary service). But if you enjoyed the service and the lady went out of her way to provide a very good service to you, a small tip or gift can go a long way to ensuring that lady remembers you and continues to provide a quality and valuable service next time.

If you are disrespectful, you will be asked to leave immediately and without a refund. If your masseuse tells you no, more than twice, you will likely find your massage cut short.
Please do not ask your masseuse for her private details. This is against our rules.

We value our ladies very highly. Their safety in performing their services is paramount.
Violence and/or any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated.

Our aim is to provide you with the very best possible service we can. By following our simple Client Etiquette, your time with us will be so much more enjoyable.

Please also see Shower Etiquette

Client feedback....

"I just want to give a shout out to Tender Touch. Once again I wanted to thank them for an amazing time. It was just what I needed, and I could not have asked for two more amazing women."


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