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Sexy, Spiritual, Exotic Dancer

Age: 28
Bust: Full C cup
Size: size 10
Profession: Exotic dancer
Hair: Dark
Height: 5’7″
Appearance: Olive skin
Availability: Men and Women
Tattoos: minimal (small and not noticeable)

About Sam:
Sam is an Exotic Dancer who tours the country dancing.
She is very spiritual, open minded and non judgemental. And like any dancer she is a natural at massage.
Only available for limited amounts of time at Tender Touch, so as to fit in with her touring schedule.
So get in quick and be one of the lucky ones to spend some sensual massage time with Sam!

Sam enjoys providing her massage service to both men and women.

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4 thoughts on “Sam”


Wow. Best sensual massage I have experienced. Sam is fantastic.


Sensational Sam, say no more. A beautiful sensual experience. See you again soon.


The roman goddess Venus needs to step aside and Sam the magnificent Tender Touch goddess step forward. More than just a feather stroke tickle massage (my fav), Sam had me in a state of euphoria from start to finish with her exquisite techniques that I have never felt before (I won’t go into them, just go and get them). A soft genuine complection and a body to die for, the heavenly refection from the ceiling enough to drive a man insane. Sam is a beautiful sensual woman with unexpected surprises… the perfect massage experience. Catch her if you can, her bookings will skyrocket… she is simply stunning.


One of the best sensual massages I’ve had! Great massage techniques and skills and a very nice person!

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