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Hot Latin American.

Age: 28
Bust: Busty
Size: 8-10
Appreance: Olive Skin
Hair: Long Jet Black
Height: 5’4″
Nationality: South American

About Luciana:

Sexy, Sultry South American Luciana is blessed with a sensational body and a beautiful face. She describes herself as passionate, playful and very hot. She is well travelled, and knows just how to make a man feel good!
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2 thoughts on “Luciana”


Hamish, your message has been passed on to the Manager

Birthday boy

Luciana’s sensitive style and tender touch was Relaxing and Energizing. Willingly extended time which let me massage her to give her back a break from treating me. Which was another treat in itself 😉 High dose of endorphins enhanced by the conversation. Left very satisfied.

Returned for more late afternoon. To invest in my well-being, and your train ride… Made a special day.

(Thanks to receptionist for making extra time for me when you had lots on)

(( | ))

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