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A serene experience of sensual massage

Age: 23
Bust: C cup
Size: slender size 8
Hair: Coloured
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’7″
Tattoos: a few (3-5 but tasteful)

About Ivy:
Ivy has a clear milky toned complexion with lovely long dark blonde hair.

With a friendly, easy going and open minded sense of humour she will give you a serene experience of sensual massage, touching, body slides and wonderous hand relief that will leave you feeling totally satisfied and recharged and invigorated to continue your day or relax you so as to enjoy your evening.

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11 thoughts on “Ivy”


OMG!!!! LADS highly recommended 👌 perfect happy cheeky woman probably the BEST massage since I have been comming to this place


I had a great time with Ivy! Amazing massage! The perfect balance between relaxation and sensuality!!!


Ivy was very tasty indeed


Wow words can’t explain anything incredible thank you.


My first time she was perfect, knows how to make you feel comfortable thank you so much 😊


Ivy was great, beautiful girl with a lovely smile.

Franky S Inatra

Ivy is an awesome artist and i wouldnt mind 4 bookings with her in a row!


Great massage thank you, cheeky I have to say her breasts & nipples are incredibility sexy to look at and touch and to have running all my back and front on body slides.


Ivy worked a morning this week,so I made sure I booked her as I can usually only do early mornings.Im so pleased I did,shes cool.


Once again return home a three hour drive and the warmth and good vibes from the beautiful intelligent warm hearted Ivy is all round, could not recommend this awesome establishment enough, till next time


I have visited Tender Touch twice now and both times seen Ivy and I have to say she is amazing at what she does, I have been feeling pretty stressed as of late so a visit to Ivy at Tender Touch was a must and she did not disappoint, I look forward to seeing you again next time

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