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Natural, Sweet and Charming

Age: 22
Bust: C cup
Size: Petite size 6-8
Hair: Dark
Appearance: Olive Skin
Tattoos: None
Services: massage for Men and Women

About Tia:
So natural, so sweet, and perfectly exotic. Tia is charming, friendly and welcoming.

Tia enjoys providing her massage service to Men and Women.

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4 thoughts on “Tia”


Tia is an exotic stunning woman who has the mosy irresistible allure… this became apparent as soon as she opened the door. Full of smiles, an infectious laugh and a persona that radiates a natural warmth and happiness. All of this, along with the most outrageously gorgeous body, provides the ingredients for a totally sublime hour. Tia loves getting a massage to, great way to start off the hour and it’s a total pleasure to give. She has her own style and will mix it in with what you request, Tia does this perfectly. Nails and finger tips provide a stunning sensual and intimate massage with a unique finish. Tia is awesome, just go and see her and find out for yourself…


Tia is absolutely gorgeous, petite with such a great personality and super massage
Truly addictive, lucky she only has one picture up or she would be fully booked always
Can’t wait to see her again

Mike Marteney

I don’t ever think I will have this quality of an experience again. She is exceptionally charming, warm, witty, intelligent, and sweet coupled with sas and mystery makes for quite a large personality. I hope y’all at tender touch have a grasp on the quality of lady she is.


I had the pleasure of spending 90 minutes with Tia earlier this week
As per her profile I can confirm that she is indeed natural, sweet, petite and exotic.
Those few words do not do Tia justice. I’d like to add the following…
Killer Curves (.Y.), Fantastic Hands, she’s a sensational Tease and easy to talk to.
In my opinion she is absolutely gorgeous and damn near the perfect package.
Personally I fear for the contents of my wallet after this encounter.
Thanks for the great massage Tia, I look forward to next time xx
Thanks Lucy for recommending Tia to me, you now have some competition xx

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