A Conversation with Paige

Paige has kindly agreed to sit down and have a one on one conversation about Tender Touch with our Web designer.
Webguy: Thanks for doing this Paige. So what is your role at Tender Touch?

Paige: Apart from overseeing the day to day running of Tender Touch, I am responsible for the training of the ladies, and making sure that they are meeting the high standards we set in providing a premium service to our clients.
When time allows, I also love to be on the roster for massaging so that I get to spend time with our clients.

Webguy: Whats one of the most important rules a client should follow?

Paige: Good hygiene. We have in-room showers and ask that our clients use them before the massage. Please ensure you wash yourself vigorously around ALL your delicate areas and make plentiful use of the body wash.
Our ladies always ensure they are clean and fresh, and start their time with you dressed in exquisite lingerie. By following our shower etiquette, you will find these ladies will be more willing to get up close and personal.

WebGuy: Speaking of up close and personal, are the clients allowed to touch the ladies?

Paige: Yes…but please discuss this with your massage lady first about what boundaries she may wish to set. For example… touching her boobs maybe be ok, but groping or squeezing her nipples is probably not. Stroking her back or booty would be ok, but shoving your hand between her legs would not be acceptable.
Being with one of our ladies involves being in a very intimate setting. Our ladies want to share that intimacy with you, so treat them with the utmost respect at all times.

WebGuy: As a bloke one of the things that worry me is that the ladies might think that I’m not fit or well-endowed enough. Or that I’m too fat or too old.

Paige: We sees clients from all backgrounds and walks of life. We all deserve to feel sexy, even if it’s just when we’re having sex with ourselves. And getting a sensual massage at Tender Touch is a way to get intimate with someone who won’t judge you by unrealistic standards. The right lady can help you enjoy your body, regardless of what it looks like.
All we ask is that you be a decent human being when being intimate with our ladies.

WebGuy: I guess there are times when you may come across a guy who may have a problem ‘getting it up’ when it comes to the ‘happy ending’. What advice would you have for him?

Paige: We see this a lot more than you would imagine. There are a whole host of reasons on why a man may not get an erection or maintain one. Let your massage lady know you struggle with this and talk about various other things that she might be able to do to make the experience enjoyable.
Enjoy the intimacy of being with a beautiful woman who just wants you to feel good.